Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Join us for another jam packed TNT show

It's Tuesday once again and that means it's time for the best LIVE party on the internet! Your Tuesday Night Tech Show hosts Bill "Dr. Soos" Soucy and Mark H. Delfs comb through their mostly-disturbing Google newsreader tech stories and bring you the best (and usually comical) highlights and products of the week. Fire up your favorite browser and head to our live video page and help us craft the Tuesday Night Tech Show at 9:00PM (EST). As always, here is the weekly schedule:

9:00PM (EST): The TNT Preshow
10:00PM (EST): The Recording of the Weekly Podcast
11:00PM (EST): The TNT Postshow

As usual, join the official TNT chatroom (which are a bunch of drunk and rowdy fans!) hosted by Ustream.tv. Bring your favorite cocktail and join us each and every Tuesday! See the TNT FAQ on how to access the chatroom with an IRC client.

Show Links:

The Official TNT Website
The Live Video Feed (with chatroom)
The Show Notes Page
• Leave TNT Voicemail: 214-473-4TNT (4868)
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• AOL Instant Messenger: 'tuesdaynighttech'

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Join Us For the Tuesday Night Tech Podcast TONIGHT!

Tuesday is here and we are getting ready for the 14th episode of the glorious Tuesday Night Tech Podcast tonight at 10PM Eastern time! We will drink heavily during the show and joke about the week's best and worst tech events from our stash of disturbing Google Reader feeds. We want you to join us (WITH COCKTAILS!) in our LIVE uStream chatroom, located here around 10PM Eastern time where you can listen and watch us both record the show. If you want to revel in the Podcast version instead, you can hear that afterwards on our website or through iTunes. And finally, you can see and read about what we talk about on our shownotes page, located here. We even have a few contests with giveaways running right now on the website as well!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Want to win a FREE iPhone Case from Tuesday Night Tech?

Hey, do you need a new iPhone case? Well, I got one for you in our first contest here at the Tuesday Night Tech Podcast. I cannot make this any easier--if you want to win this case, simply put a blog post about our show (a sentence or 2 with a link to our site, located at http://www.tuesdaynighttech.com) and whoever mails me first with the proof, you win the case. Could it be any easier? (We only have one to giveaway, so make it fast!)Thanks to iSkin for the Revo to give as a prize!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Thursday, June 07, 2007


The word Hurricane comes from 'Hurican', the Carib god of evil which has its roots in a name from Mayan folklore, Hurakan.

Hurakan was the ancient Mayan god of wind and storm. He was a creator god who breathed on the water as wind to dry it out and form the land.

When the gods became angry with the first human beings, Hurukan unleashed the deluge which destroyed them in a Flood.

Hurakan means "one-legged".

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Friday, June 01, 2007


The people of brooklyn were known as trolley dodgers, because many trolley lines converged in the borough of brooklyn. the team sort of adopted the name informally, but were not really known as the dodgers officially until much later. they were called the superbas, the robins (in honor of manager wilbert robinson...uncle robbie). it wasn't until he retired that the dodgers nickname was used all the time.

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